Type 304 Stainless Steel Housing Structures

  •   Treated to withstand the elements (heat, cool, wet, saline)

Powered through 24V DC Converter

  •   Hardwired in with the use of safety extra low voltage

Rechargeable Backup Battery

  •   Powers essential functions in the event of a power outage
* Height is compliant with local ADA Standards for Accessible Design


Regulated Heating and Ventilation

  •   Ventilator fan and convector heating device work to maintain temperature of AED

Impact-Resistant Transparent Polycarbonate Cover

  •   Surface treated to minimize greenhouse effects

LED Illuminated 15” x 16” Panels

  • Provides visibility and readability at all hours

Integrated Light Sensor

  • Illuminates the AED in dim conditions

* Font Size & Style is compliant with local ADA Standards for Readability

The sensors in the cabinet monitor the

  • Cellular Connection- can send alert if the cellular connection is not working
  •  Power-can send alert if the power goes outand is running on the backup battery
  •  Temperature-can send alert if the temperature is getting too high or too low inside the cabinet
  • Door Opening/Closing-can send alert if the AED door is opened or closed
The optical sensor connected to the cabinet and AED monitores the
  • AED’s Presence- can send alert if the AED is removed from the cabinet

  • AED’s Readiness for Use-can send alert if the AED ready symbol displays or does not display operational

The AED Smart Cabinet comes with a cellular SIM card pre-installed which runs on an annual subscription from AED Smart Monitoring.



The AED Smart Monitoring Subscription includes:

Camera captures photo when box is opened
  • Full-service emergency alert monitoring center, which provides daily reports of all alerts and reliable monitoring & support for 24/7 anytime an AED is removed. This monitoring center has the ability to send out mass alerts to a network of responders (ie. local Firefighters, EMS Department, Police, Security, or list of neighborhood responders)
  • Access to online platform to view all AED & Cabinet status and alerts, as well as the photos captured by the cabinet
  • Cellular Data & Voice Plan on a multi-carrier network, which facilitates for the reporting of all alerts into the online platform and two-way voice communication with the monitoring center
  • Tracking of AED Pad & Battery expirations with pre-emptive reminders for replacing these consumables


When the cabinet door is opened:

  • Audible alarm triggered
  • Visual red lights triggered
  • Burst of photos taken

When the AED is removed:

  • Automatic call triggered to full-service emergency alert monitoring centre, who will dispatch 911 if needed
  • There is also a call button on the front of the cabinet which if pressed will also trigger a call to the monitoring center
  • Second burst of photos taken