Advocates for Health is Committed to Increasing the Odds of Survival During a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

220+ Installations!

Milestone Achieved Dec. 2021

Thanks to the support of many groups and individuals we have installed 100 Outdoor AED Smart Monitored Cabinets. Looking forward to more to come!

Advocates For Health believes in making AEDs more accessible to the public 24/7. 

Our hope is to make AEDs available, inform communities on their importance and encourage early intervention during a SCA.

Our mission is to provide public access to AEDs and also to inform communities of their importance.

One of our goals is identify areas where public access to an AED would be beneficial. Often times AEDs are locked or not available to the public. By placing an AED in a Smart Monitored Cabinet, it can be available in the event of an emergency by a bystander until medical help arrives. Statistics show that early intervention with CPR and the use of an AED during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest is critical in survival rates.

Our vision is that bystanders understand the importance of early intervention during Sudden Cardiac Arrest and take action during a Cardiac Event.

Bystanders taking action by starting CPR and getting an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) before Emergency Responders arrive to a Cardiac Event can significantly increase the odds of survival.

Our Sponsors:

Areas to find Outdoor AED Cabinets:

  • City of Annandale, MN
  • City of Apple Valley, MN 
  • City of Avon, MN
  • City of Belgrade, MN
  • City of Bowlus, MN
  • City of Brainerd, MN
  • City of Battle Lake, MN
  • City of Brooten, MN 
  • City of Burtrum MN 
  • City of Clear Lake, MN
  • City of Clearwater, MN
  • City of Clitherall, MN
  •  City of Cold Spring, MN 
  • City of Delano, MN 
  • City of Eden Valley, MN
  • City of Foley, MN
  • City of Farmington, CT
  • City of Holdingford, MN
  • City of Kimball, MN
  • City of Litchfield, MN
  • City of Lake Henry,MN
  • City of Little Falls, MN
  • City of Long Beach, MN 
  • City of Melrose, MN
  • City of Coral Springs, FL
  • City of Naples, FL
  • City of New Munich, MN 
  • City of Princeton, MN 
  • City of Paynesville, MN
  • City of Palmetto, FL
  • City of Rice, MN
  • City of Rockville, MN
  • City of Rogers, MN  
  • City of Royalton, MN
  • City of Sartell, MN
  • City of Sauk Rapids, MN
  • City of St. Augusta, MN
  • City of St. Cloud, MN
  • City of St. Joseph, MN 
  • City of St. Louis Park, MN
  • City of St. Martin, MN
  • City of Spearfish, SD
  • City of Richmond, MN 
  • City of Waite Park, MN
  •  City of Watkins, MN
  • City of Wilmar, MN 
  • Ideal Township MN
  • Viola Township MN
  • Manannah Township MN
  • Haven Township, MN
  • Maple Grove Township MN
  • Workman Township MN
  • City of Winterset, IA

Our Partners:

Advocates For Health is a certified 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

Your donations go directly to supporting the Mission and Vision of helping communities install Outdoor AED Smart Cabinets and helping to inform communities on the importance an AED and CPR.