Project Background

In late 2022 Spearfish Community Foundation began researching options to have AEDs more accessible to the public 24/7. We had several objectives, one is to help close the time gap for the critical minutes between the time a person experiences SCA and when the first responders arrive. SCF additional objective is to increase education of CPR as well as the ease of using an AED to encourage a bystander take action. SCF developed a working relationship with Advocates for Health, Rich Fenies and team. Their public access Outdoor AED Smart Monitored Cabinet tower fit the project perfectly (see attached brochure for all the features). 
The next step was deciding which AED to install in the towers and we discovered Avive Connect AED and starting working with Mike Wittmann. Mike spent several hours educating us on the Avive Connect AED, we continued our research and education with the information provided on the website and watching a multitude of videos. The newest technology, enhanced video instructions, location services and the REALConnect management platform are impressive – I know I don’t have to sell you on the product, these were just a few of the features for SCF deciding and promoting Avive Connect AED to be the best choice for the project. 
SCF committed to working with A4H and Avive, and the fun started! Our local team for this community wide project consists of representatives with the City of Spearfish, Spearfish Ambulance Service and Spearfish Park and Rec. The City of Spearfish committed funds for phase 1 and phase 2 as well as budgeting for the future annual fees for the Smart monitoring and REALConnect platform. The project took off SCF with the support of private businesses, non-profits and private donors and raised over $125,000. Phase 1 consisted of 11 Public Access AED towers featuring Avive AEDs to be installed in key locations throughout Spearfish and 5 Avive mobile cases to be used for community events. September kicked off the installation of the A4H Smart Monitored Towers with Avive Connect AEDs with a community event with presentations from Rich and Mike to showcase the features of both products.
 Phase 1 was completed with the knowledge of the features of REALConnect management platform; tracking the AEDs, daily monitoring, full connectivity being key factors to ensure readiness of the AED as well as closing the gap between when a SCA happens and arrival of first responders. Phase 2 was completed this Spring consisting of an additional 13 outdoor towers featuring Avive Connect AEDs, plus an additional 10+ Avive Connect AEDs to be placed at non-profits, Spearfish School District and private businesses. Phase 2 will be an additional financial commitment of over $145,000 throughout our community. SCF foundation continues to have businesses and individual interested in updating their AED fleets, a couple of examples are Black Hills State University and the Spearfish School System. 

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