SaveStation Tower $4,695


Free standing structure includes AED cabinet with regulated heating and ventilation, audible alarm, photo control, lighting, real-time reporting, back-up power, and LED screen indicating cabinet status.


Features illuminated topper and opportunity for advertisement on both the front and back of the Tower.

Includes first two years of remote monitoring charges. LED SaveStation identification ‘halo’
Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
Freestanding tower unit – floor or concrete pad installation

110-volt direct wire, reduces to
24V DC SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) internal cabinet power for safety

Automatic temperature-controlled cabinet to maintain ideal AED operating temperature in both cold and hot climate conditions

Real-time cabinet and AED monitoring – AED status, presence, temperature
Alarmed audible and visual alarm upon opening

Rechargeable back-up battery for in case of power supply failure

Opportunity for advertising on both the front and back of the Tower

W: 15” H: 63” D: 9”

Exterior Pricing Includes:

  • Support/Advise customer regarding various SaveStation Products
  • Coordination with Municipalities regarding permits/setbacks
  •  Coordination with civic organizations/contractors regarding install
  • Supply stamped engineering drawing for installation, if needed  
  • CPR/AED trainer
  • 2 years of monitoring ($360/yr thereafter)
  • Set up of Crowdfunding if Applicable
  •  Registration of AED with National/State registry
  • Inclusion in County 911 mapping system
  • Placement in Pulse Point apps for IOS and Android

Exterior Pricing Does NOT include:

  • AED
  • Installation
  • Electrical hookup
  • Sales tax if applicable

Funding a SaveStation can be available through donations or Crowdfunding. Ask us how!

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