SaveStation Standard $2,795


W: 18.5” H: 30” D: 0.5” (plus AED cabinet depth 8”)

Outdoor cabinet with regulated heating and ventilation, audible alarm, photo control, lighting, real-time reporting, back-up power, and LED screen indicating cabinet status. Package includes two years of remote monitoring.

Suitable for outdoor or indoor use

Wall mount unit

110-volt direct wire, reduces to 24V DC SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) internal cabinet power for safety

Automatic temperature-controlled cabinet to maintain ideal AED operating temperature in both cold and hot climate conditions

Real-time cabinet and AED monitoring – AED status, presence, temperature

Alarmed audible and visual alarm upon opening

Rechargeable back-up battery for in case of power supply failure

Exterior Pricing Includes:

  • Support/Advise customer regarding various SaveStation Products
  • Coordination with Municipalities regarding permits/setbacks
  •  Coordination with civic organizations/contractors regarding install
  • Supply stamped engineering drawing for installation, if needed  
  • CPR/AED trainer
  • 2 years of monitoring ($360/yr thereafter)
  • Set up of Crowdfunding if Applicable
  •  Registration of AED with National/State registry
  • Inclusion in County 911 mapping system
  • Placement in Pulse Point apps for IOS and Android

Exterior Pricing Does NOT include:

  • AED
  • Installation
  • Electrical hookup
  • Sales tax if applicable

Funding a SaveStation can be available through donations or Crowdfunding. Ask us how!

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