Pickelball Courts made safer with outside AED

Calvary Hill Park

Unit sponsored by Northern Paddlers


Lastly, we are excited to announce plans for an onsite AED (cardiac defibrillator) station at Calvary! Players have discussed the importance of an AED since the courts opened six years ago. Many have heard reports of players having sudden cardiac events and of some who have been saved by use of onsite AEDs.

Northern Paddles is partnering with the City of St. Cloud Park & Recreation Department and with Advocates For Health (who promote and sell AED systems to communities) to purchase and install an outdoor Savestation AED station at Calvary for $4850.


  • The Savestation tower which holds the AED costs $4,000.00. It is mounted on a concrete pad and connected to an electric power source. The tower has connectivity through wireless communication, a power converter to keep AED charged, cabinet lighting, alarms, temperature control systems, back-up battery system, remote monitoring equipment, a photo control system which photographs the person removing AED, and other features. (See attachments describing Savestation program).

  • The AED costs $850.00. The City of St. Cloud will provide all costs of installation and ongoing maintenance going forward. This includes a $360 yearly maintenance fee starting year three and keeping the tower accessible through the winter months via snow removal.

  • Advocates for Health significantly discounted the tower and AED by $1500 for Northern Paddles.

  • The question, “What about vandalism”?” has arisen. Interestingly, Advocates for Health have over 50 Savestations in the three county area, with no reported destruction or lost AEDs to date!

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